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Digital Workplace: towards a new employee experience

October 06 at 11am
45 minutes
Saegus & Mozzaik365


Khaled Loumi, Senior Manager Saegus
Florian Bouron, CEO of Mozzaik365


The challenges and developments of the Digital Workplace
  • How to face the current challenges? And where is the Digital Workplace headed?
Which tools to revolutionize the employee experience?
  • Find out how to transform your intranet into an engaging Digital Workplace and what tools to put in place to optimize your employees' digital experience.
What vision for the employee experience of tomorrow?
  • The employee experience is certainly more global than the single human dimension.

This event is for you

Understanding the employee experience

Why has the employee experience become so important today? What are the stakes? The employee experience will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Solutions to optimize the employee experience

We give you all the keys to optimize your employee experience with tools to integrate into your Digital Workplace.

Answer your questions

A time will be dedicated to answering your questions, a moment of exchange and sharing with experts in their field.