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Modernization of the Intranet for a Social Housing Provider: The Example of Elogie-Siemp

14th of november, 2023
Approximately 45 minutes
Elogie-Siemp & Orange Business



Antoine Chancel, Head of Sales - Mozzaik365

Logo Elogie-Siemp
Françoise Théaudin

Françoise Théaudin, Communication Project Manager at Elogie-Siemp

Logo Orange Business
Anne-Claire Lucas
Anne-Claire Lucas, Offer Design Manager at Orange Business


Experience Feedback from Elogie-Siemp
  • Reflection on the Modernization of Its Intranet: Collaboration Context, Objectives, and Internal Project Stages
The Approach Implemented by Orange Business
  • To design the intranet site and meet the expectations of Elogie-Siemp
Why Elogie-Siemp chose Mozzaik365 as a solution
  • To create its internet
The results
  • What the intranet brought to Elogie-Siemp's employees in terms of productivity, communication, and collaboration.
The Bonus: Live Demonstration of the Spaces
  • Dive into the Mozzaik365 Intranet Space of Elogie-Siemp and Discover Its Key Features.

This webinar is for you

Implementing a Modern Intranet

You will discover the objectives of collaboration, the project stages, and all the best practices for your digital transformation.

Exploring the intranet of Elogie-Siemp

Explore the Homepage, Various Tabs, and Most Utilized Features of the Social Housing Provider on the Intranet.

Answering every question

A  dedicated time will be allocated for answering questions, providing an opportunity for exchange and sharing with experts in their fields.