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Rolling out a collaborative portal in less than 10 days

28th September
40 minutes
Stellium & Mozzaik365


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Jaimé Seita

Jaimé Seita, Head of Sales at Stellium

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Guirec Loison, Head of Partnerships at Mozzaik365


Unleash the Power of Collaborative Portals with SharePoint
  • In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective collaboration is paramount. That's why we're diving into the why and how of using SharePoint as your go-to collaborative portal.
Elevate Your SharePoint Experience to Unprecedented Heights
  • Take your SharePoint experience to the next level. Our experts will reveal insider tips and strategies to empower you to harness SharePoint's full potential. From advanced customization to integrated apps, you'll uncover the tools you need to create a dynamic and tailor-made digital environment.
Craft Your Digital Workplace in Record Time
  • Time is money, right? We'll guide you through the steps to build your own digital workplace in less than 10 days. Discover the strategies that will enable you to set up an efficient, collaborative hub for your team, fostering innovation and driving results.
Explore Real-world Examples and Functionalities
  • We will demonstrate our solutions and show you how they break through the technical limitations of SharePoint. We'll showcase compelling examples of intranets that have transformed the way teams communicate, share knowledge, and collaborate effectively.

And so much more...

Shaping the Future of Business

Our focus on Microsoft-powered tools ensures you're equipped with the latest technologies to foster a culture of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration.

Discover our insights and strategies

This information-packed session will equip you with actionable insights to reshape the way your team collaborates and thrives. Don't miss this opportunity!

Questions & answers

At the end of the webinar, we dedicated a moment of exchange with experts in their fields. Discover our viewers' questions and our answers to them!